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FAQ for FUT 17 Web App

Posted on 2016/08/05 by admin

Q: What is the FUT web application?
A: The Web application that is known as FUT Web online extension in which we can manage our Club FUT. Both names are abbreviations of the last application of the FIFA web team.
17 FUT Web App is thrilled the center of all 17 FIFA Ultimate Team. You can do yourself to do on the platform (Playstation, Xbox or PC) almost anything. Obviously the game is one of the few exceptions.
Q: If app FUT Web was launched for the first time in the history to life?
A: FUT 10th
Q: What can I do with this application?
A: research, sales and marketing of cards;
The organization tests and chemistry models;
Share your teams with their friends;
Open Buy and packages;
Audit Team of the week;
View and interact with all the cards you have in the club;
Advisory rankings.
Q: Why is FUT-platform web application available?
A: You can manage your Playstation 4 Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC-squad with FUT web application.
Q: If the FUT web application to FIFA 17 is released?
A: The most likely date is Tuesday, September 20> 2016th
Q: How can I web app FUT 17?
A: You enter on this page: easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app.
Q: Should I do something for the FUT Web App for FIFA 17?
A: No, it's automatic. The application of FUT 16 is by being taken a few days before the FUT Web App 17 release date.
Q: What is first published: FUT 17 FIFA web application or an early access EA and Origin of access?
A: FUT Web App.

Starting Tricks and Tips for FIFA 17

Posted on 2016/07/27 by admin

Get ride of unnecessary cards
When you start FUT 17 will be a lot of unnecessary cards that nobody wants to buy. the rapid sale is an option, but before you can try a simple trick: to auction with a starting price 150c and 200c Buy Now price.
You will see that you sell more cards and some of them to the BIN price. Although you should always check these cards at auction or if only they should be on the list of transfer to other discarded cards to free space that could offer greater benefits.
Money makes more money
FIFA 17 negotiating tricks when you start FUT
FUT when you start, you need parts for their first investments. For this reason, we recommend that you all your cards to sell, except, of course, not interchangeable. But that does not mean that you have to do at a price. Although time is money you do not want to put long to keep their assets if there is no valuable card that could sell for higher than expected prices.
The cards that were sold were good enough for a good start, but if you can pick up a few more pieces in the growth of the game, will be even faster. As soon as possible, complete tasks manager and purchase catalog items EASFC FIFA 17, in particular balls and kits, as they discard high values. Remember: never stopped, all its parts. Reinvest your profits. Money makes more money.
Be ready at the right time
In the early days of the market, which coincided with the first days of the FUT web application, the market is very low. At this time it is very difficult to find good deals, as all the players the experience of the past years have because of the cash flow is too low on the market. However, if new players everything changes start playing. Therefore, one can not miss the release date of the game, for example. You also need to set aside for a time to put some money, because it is very easy to find tickets at half price.
Make good use of filters
Every good businessman knows how to use them effectively filter. They are higher in the first days after the date of release of the game, because there are more people sell below the normal price. Optimize the price, the quality and the league will help you return good players that do not sell high in a buy now or the offer and go completely under the radar. Money players with a high statistical and / or the Premier League are good targets generally.
The goal is to find the cards on the market before someone, especially if they have low BIN, but may be a good idea to map to offer that the other players do not grow normally. To beat the competition, the idea on the cards to offer only player is mostly offer at the end of the auction. The deals are not likely to overcome. used Unlike filters, and you can have a whole market.
Find Bargains in 59 minutes
This is very old, but still works well in the early days, while car buyers are not yet functioning.
By default, the duration of each item to be auctioned, is one hour. This means that the last letters are 59 minutes provides list are put into circulation. If you refresh the page several times, you can find cards for buying and selling. Of course, you must use filters to select a sample market that you know well, but can be very profitable, if you spend time of 59 minutes using the method.

FIFA 17 Origin Access Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team

Posted on 2016/07/19 by admin

What is included?
Subscribers can download 17 full game before the release FIFA. But there's more. EA Access holders also have access to other titles start EA Sports.
What are the characteristics of an early access?
With early access participants can complete the game before the game hits stores, including the online gaming features of FIFA Ultimate Team. However, there are a maximum of 10 hours play. You can play, market, buy maps and points of FIFA, which can be a great advantage over other players who do not have early access.
Saved won achievements / trophies during the early access subscribers items while unlock a connection to the EA Server, once you buy EA servers with the final version of the game and connect.
What are the dates for early access?
Early access to 17 FIFA will be available at 10 am UK time world on 22 September.
How early to get access?
After buying home access, invite subscribers the game easy on the service panel.

FIFA 17 Wishlist and Rumours: New Leagues

Posted on 2016/07/08 by admin

This is the time of year when everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams of the perfect FIFA. Let's see what the community wants. Be that new leagues to see the comments in FIFA 17th
There are many rumors FIFA 17, but most of them are fake. We chose the most reliable rumors, we add our perception and to share our views with you on the likely FIFA 17 new leagues.
The major leagues in Brazil, Israel and Ukraine are loved by far the most. However, the community wants more leagues in FIFA 17 you want to see other new leagues, as China's leadership, Japan and India. Let's see if they will get lucky ...
FIFA 17 list and rumors: New League
Probability: Confirmed
Name: J-League
Current champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Other popular clubs Kashima Antlers, Gamba Osaka and Kashiwa Reysol
As one of the most popular leagues in Asia, the J1 League has a global fan base and is one of the FIFA community big leagues. The 18 clubs that make J1 authentic logos, kits and lists feature the league. The content of these clubs will be 17 Ultimate Team and other modes in our popular FIFA.
Brazilian Championship
FIFA 17 list and rumors: New League
Likelihood: Medium
Name: Series A (Brasileirão)
Master: Corinthians
Other popular clubs: Santos, Palmeiras, Sao Paulo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Cruzeiro
EA Sports has decided, due to problems to leave the league in FIFA 16 with image rights. Brazilian players are no longer represented by FIFPro and how was the organization that mediation talks that began negotiating individually. Something completely impractical. In 17 FIFA, the manufacturer has made great efforts, the return of the Brasileirão to ensure, but now there is still not sure whether or not included.
Chinese Super League
FIFA 16 list and rumors: New League
Likelihood: Medium
Name: Chinese League
Defending champions Guangzhou Evergrande
Other popular clubs: Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou R & F
Electronic Arts has announced agreements with the popular Chinese clubs were closed. This is the perfect time to add the league for the game, because many popular players in China and in the league now has ever more followers moved.