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FIFA 16 Classic International Heroes

Posted on 2016/06/22 by admin

EA Sports released for the first time in the history of the football festival that includes iMOTM press tickets, international classical hero, tournament featured two teams and tournaments secret packages.
During the football festival EA is even in some of the best modern classic player maintained regularly, which are available only for a limited time by the hero of objects. These articles hero beloved active players with updated statistics on the basis of their performance at previous international tournaments.
The classic American continent is the first hero of the classic theme of the two teams at the International Festival Futball exclusively for FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA 16th
EA brings some of the most famous and sought active player in the Americas, which have had a significant impact on their countries of previous international tournaments. Record appearances and scored the last win a major tournament to make, these players have left an unforgettable mark on the world of football.
With prices that reflect its recent international services, to find these elements in FUT for a limited time.
Home | 06.17.2016 06:00 UK | PT 06/17/2016 10:00
end | 06.24.2016 06:00 UK | PT 06/24/2016 10:00
GK: Júlio César - Brazil
CB: Ezequiel Garay - Argentina
CB: Luisão - Brazil
RB: Maicon - Brazil
RB: Juan Zúñiga - Colombia
CM: Esteban Cambiasso - Argentina
LM: Maximiliano Rodriguez - Argentina
CAM: Kaka - Brazil
CAM: Diego - Brazil
ST: Carlos Tevez - Argentina
ST: Claudio Pizarro - Peru
RB: Luis Advincula - Peru
CB: Fabricio Coloccini - Argentina
CM: Lucho Gonzalez - Argentina
LM: Cristian Rodriguez - Uruguay
ST: Omar Bravo - Mexico
ST: Roque Santa Cruz - Paraguay
CDM: Nestor Ortigoza - Paraguay

FUT 16 Community Week

Posted on 2016/04/27 by admin

Due to yearly Community Week, EA have held special events this week. Let check them in details.
Free FUT Draft Token
From April 25th, you can see a FUT Draft Token that is prepared for you. As an opportunity, you can use it to enter FUT Draft and earn amazing prizes via it. If you have enjoyed FIFA for a period, you are able to to get in and play against the best.
If your account was created before April 18th, and you have played 5 matches at least, you are able to redeem the free FUT Draft Token and enter FUT Draft.
New Tournaments
There is a new tournament every day during this week in Online or Single-Player. FA Cup Semi-Final Tournament is the first one and it has featured in increased rewards if you win.
Special Happy Hours
EA always release special packs for special events, so there are packs every day. It will last until Friday, so you can buy cheap FIFA coins on FifaCoin.com to open packs, which are 15k, 25k, 35k, 50k and 100k packs.
More Offers
As a special event, there will be more special offers to celebrate it. So you can look forward to the upcoming ones.
Good luck to all of you during opening packs!


Posted on 2016/04/21 by admin

Q. How many squads?
A. Only one TOTS, which is consisted with the most popular leagues, will be released, and 5 squads.
Q. Will TOTS be released at one time?
A. No. It usually will be each Wednesday and each Friday.
Q. Will MLS be included in TOTS as one of the leagues?
A. No. Actually EA has prepared a team with the best MLS players, but it is not called as TOTS. These cards are all blue and has released one month later than TOTS last year, and they will be released on July 29th in this year.
Q. What does ROTW TOTS mean?
A. It mean that team with the season’s best players around world, excluding the players from other TOTS.
Q. What does EASFC TOTS?
A. FIFA Dev Team has chosen this squad, which are the best players from other TOTS. This is the last one to be release.
Q. How to choose TOTS?
A. It depends on. FIFA community has the right to choose consistent but never IF TOTS. Dev Team has the right to choose EAS FC, and other TOTS are chosen by EA’ special team.
Q. How long will TOTS exist in packs?
A. If it is released on Friday, it will exist until Monday. If it is released on Wednesday, it will exist for one week.
Q. When will TOTS released?
A. They will be released on 4pm and will be available in packs for 4 to 8 hours after that.
Q. How to know TOTS players in FIFA 16?
A. You can check FifaCoins.org regularly to know it.
Q. How to get TOTS players?
A. You can store cheap FIFA coins on FifaCoin.com before it comes. Good luck to you.

Dragback Tutorial in FIFA 16

Posted on 2016/04/15 by admin

There are various ways to change direction at fast speed. Dragback is one of them. If you can use it in your game, you can have more chance to win your matches.
There are three types of dragback. You can check following details.
The Standard Dragback
This is the most popular skill by far, no matter when playing in Career Mode or with AI players. You just need to hold down R2 on PlayStation or RB button on Xbox, and then move the left stick.
Notice the direction you move towards is opposite to the one your player is facing. When you facing down, you buy safe fifa coins should move up, and do on. This kill has good effect on fooling defenders, even they are very experienced.
Variation to the Side
There are various ways to perform dragback. You can hold done R2 or RB, and then move the left-stick to the direction that is opposite to the one you are facing, and then to the player’s side. This skill needs to practice until you fully get it.
The Fake Dragback
This is to pretend do a skill and make your opponent fooled. You can hold down the right trigger, and then move the left stick in the direction that is opposite to your player is facing, and then towards the direction he is facing. These controls are quite simple and you can do it instantly.
Hope that the above skills can help you achieve more goals. Fr more information, please pay close attention to our social networks.